The Scimitarr (Homotherium Serum) was a large machairodontid cat from the pleistocene period.


Common Name: Scimitarr;

Trinomial Epithet(s): Homotherium Serum Magnum; H. S. Richardsoni;

Pronunciation: HOe-MOe-thee-ree-uhm; see-rum; Mahg-num; Rih-churd-son-ee; sih-mIE-ter

Scientific Meaning: (homotherium) Relative Beast

Approx. Average Weight: 240 lbs.

Diet: Live Prey; Scavanged Carcasses;

Closest Living Relative(s): Big Cats

Dangers: Man; Adult Mastodonts & Mammoths; Other Scimitarrs;

Size: Comparable to a Lion

Location: Eastern North America;

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