Mastodonts were large elephant-like creatures that lived during the pliocene - possibly the last millenium in the americas, and pliocene - pleistocene in other areas that were populated earlier by humans.


- Mammut

- Zygolophodon

- Pliomastodon

- Eritreum

- Curvieronius

Genus MammutEdit

Generic Synonym(s): Missourium; Leviathan; Incognitum;


  • Mammut Raki - New Mexico Mastodont
  • Mammut Spenceri - Egyptian Mastodont
  • Mammut Matthewi - Matthew's Mastodont
  • Mammut Pentillicus - Asian Mastodont

Genus PliomastodonEdit

Generic Synonym(s): Mammut


  • Pliomastodon Cosoensis - California Mastodont

Genus CuvieroniusEdit

Generic Synonym: N/A


  • Cuvieronius Hyodon - Andean Mastodont
  • Cuvieronius Tropicus - Pampas Mastodont

Genus ZygolophodonEdit

Generic Synonym: Mammut; Mastodonteus


  • Zygolophodon Tapiroides - Tapir-Mastodont
  • Zygolophodon Brevidens - Merriam's Mastodnt
  • Zygolophodon Aegypticus - Sahara Mastodont

Genus EritreumEdit

Generic Synonym: N/A


  • Eritreum Melakeghebrekristosi - Yet Unnamed

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