The term "lagerstatten" applies to fossil sites that provide not only skeletons and shells, but some details of the unfossilized skin, hair, feathers and body tissue. Fossil in lagerstatten may be preserved with stomach contents, unborn offspring, or even organs. Lagerstatten can form in many ways, but some of these features are common:

  1. The conditions for burial are anoxic and unable to support much decomposition
  1. The sediment is made of fine material that allows for easy preservation
  1. Some lagerstatten are preserved in chert or diatomite, rocks rich in silica

Examples of LagerstattenEdit

Burgess Shale, Canada

Chengjiang Shales, China

Yixian Formation, China

Santana Formation, Brazil

Solnhofen, Germany

Las Hoyas, Spain

Messel, Germany

Shangdong, China

Rhynie Chert, Scotland

Mazon Creek, Illinois, United States

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