Haikouichthys was an Early Cambrian Myokunmingiid.

Description Edit

Haikouicthys was about three centimeters long, and probably related to lampreys. It was probably a fish, or at least fishlike. Haikouichthys was a close relative of the primitive fish Myllokunmingia, but slightly smaller, at around 25 mm long. Haikouicthys' head was noticable, although indistinct. It also had a powerful tail and a long fin running down its body, making it look like a modern eel.

Popular Culture Edit

Haikouicthys appeared in Walking With Monsters. It was shown moving in schools and acting like modern parasites, feeding off a wounded Anomalocaris. It was described as "the size of [your] thumbnail, but an evolutionary giant". It was revealed as the first vertebrate.