The fan film short, Epic Dinosaur Battle is another on HoopsAndDinoMan's creative ideas on dinosaur intros. This of course would have dinosaurs as the cast (just as A Dinosaur Story has done) exepted for that due to the fact that the dinosaurs aren't able to speak or take any action as serieous as the other more famous film. This film contentrates on the war between the forces of each team.


So far, as the film starts the Heroes are getting ready for war with the Villains. After heavy marching, the Heroes show their Leader to be an orange Tyrannosaurus. After him, the Villains show their leader, a black Triceratops. As the two groups get ready, the leaders charge at each other, coming along the groups. The two collide, and the war begins! As many dinos fail and successed, the war was brutal. Many dinos get slashed or bitten to death while others do this to the oppenents. Going down to the final 6, a T-Rex gets killed by the orange Ultrasauros while the ceratosaurus and Hero Leader take care of the green Ultrasauros. The Leader gets knocked down and the green one collapses on him, supposely killing the Cerato and Leader. The orange Ultra takes care of the Villian Leader but accidently trips over a dino tail and falls on the Leader. The Hero jumps from under the Ultra and faces off with the Villian. The two crush into each other, and finally ending with the Villain stabbing the Hero and Hero eats part of Villian. After suddend silence. the two fall to their death and having the war ended.

Box OfficeEdit

Even though a fan film, Epic Dinosaur Battle did get an amazing amount of views. At least 743,071 views were recorded, 380 likes and 39 dislikes. This is the amount, so far, that was recorde. There can still be more records, but so far this is the amount.


  • This is the film to have all the characters from A Dinosaur Story to be introduced in the War. The only characters that weren't introduced were Carcharodontasurus, Hybrid, and Triceratops.
  • This film is actully a responce film to War of the Dinosaurs, an earlier dino film showing a similar plot.
  • In the beginning, the word "villain" was misspelled as "villans", but apparently since it was already aired on YouTube, there is no known way to fix the error.
  • The Ceratosaurus that appeared at the end of the video was yellow, but in A Dinosaur Story this wasn't the case. He was purple with yellow on the belly. It is unknown how this could be. his partner is the other Ceratosaurus, he was the one who defeated the last Tyrannosaurus by breaking it`s jaws.
    • One possible reason is that the makers could of repainted the toy before introducing the Dinosaur Story, since this film was aired before the more famous film.