Diplodocus was a large diplodocid sauropod dinosaur that lived in America around 170 to 145 mya.


Diplodocus lived around 170-145 million years ago, when the western U.S. was a lush and fertile landscape of mixed plains and forests. Diplodocus shared the environment with herbivores like Brachiosaurus, Camptosaurus, and Barosaurus. It was hunted by large predators like Allosaurus and Torvosaurus, though it was probably immune to attack from the smaller Coelurus and Proceratosaurus.

Length: 100 to 115 feet (30 to 35 metres)

Height: 25 to 38 feet (10.5 to 11.5 metres)

Weight: 24 tonnes

Location: Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Washington DC,

Timeline: 170 to 145 mya