Chasmosaurus was 17 foot long, long frilled ceratopsian.


Chasmosaurus inhabited North America during the late cretaceaous period. It was one of the first long frilled ceratopsians. It was related to triceratops, centrosaurus and torosaurus.
Although smaller than its' cousins this animal was the size of a rhino. It was preyed on by tyrannosaurs like daspletosaurus. 

In other mediaEdit

Chasmosaurus was shown as a minor character in planet dinosaur. In the show, it was shown fending of a lone daspletosaurus and went back to eating. Later, the daspletosaurus came back with its family and so the chasmosaurus fled. It was shown, later, being brought down by the daspletosaurus and the family feasted on
the corpse.  

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