Baryonx was the first fish eating dinosaur found and had two 25 cm long curved claw witch it used to catch fish out of the European waters of were it lived. It was related to the African Spinosaurus and Suchomimus and with Suchomimus has been put in to a subfamily called Baryonyichinae. Palentolgists have found fish scales in a english specimen proving Baryonx ate fish.


There is a wide range of size estimates from 8.5 meters to 11 meters


Name means: Heavy claw

Pronounciation: Bary-on-x

Minimum length :8.5 metrers

Average length: 9 meters

Maximum length: 10 meters

Average height: 3 meters

Weight: around 1,700 kg

When: 125-130 million years ago

Where: United Kingdom and Northen Spain and Portugal

Diet: fish

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