The Alqonquin megafauna is a biota that exsited during the pleistocene-precolonial period (Boreal Period).



Key: +=extinct; +?= possibly extinct; *= extinct in area

  • American Mastodont - Mammut Americanum+
  • Black Bear - Euarctos Americanus
  • Coastal Deer - Odocoileus Lucasi+
  • Dire Wolf - Canis Dirus+
  • Eastern Elk - Cervus Canadensis*
  • Giant Beaver? - Castoroides Nebrascensis+
  • Moose - Alces Alces
  • Onza - Miracinonyx Inexpectatus+?
  • Stag Moose - Cervalces Scottii+
  • Whitetail Deer - Odocoileus Virginianus
  • Woodland Caribou - Rangifer Tarandus*

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